We are heartbroken by the violence that took place in Monterey Park, California over the weekend of the Lunar New Year. What was meant to be a celebratory occasion for the Asian American community at a popular gathering center ended in the murder of ten people and injury of ten more.

Our hearts are with the loved ones of those killed or harmed in this devastating event, and the Asian-majority community of Monterey Park. This Lunar New Year marks a time of peace and hope, now marred by this horrific act.

While each act of violence stands alone, the LGBTQ+ community understands too well what it means to recover from the tragedy of mass shooting. While our communities intersect, we honor differences in experience and resolve to support all people of the Asian diaspora in the work to end violence.

We once again call on lawmakers to act for the safety of all and take measures to end mass shootings and gun violence in all its forms. We must be able to gather and take joy in our communities without the threat of senseless violence, and GLAD will continue to build toward that reality.