Statement of GLAD’s Executive Director Janson Wu in response to President’s Latest Muslim and Refugee Travel Ban

This latest travel ban is more of the same from the President – an attempt to target and restrict entry to the U.S. of people from majority Muslim countries. The addition of two non-Muslim countries to the list isn’t fooling anyone of good faith. To be clear: this ban continues to target immigrants, refugees, and visitors from six Muslim-majority countries. The expanded Muslim travel ban comes off the heels of the President’s announcement earlier this month to rescind DACA, a politically motivated strategy that would upend the lives of roughly 800,000 young people, including over 75,000 LGBTQ people, and their families who relied on this program. Immigration is a bedrock principle of our country, and we are made stronger by it.  Our nation is at its best when we embrace our ideals of inclusivity and generosity. These xenophobic policies would not make America “stronger” but seek to divide us, and we refuse to be divided. GLAD remains in solidarity with all immigrants and refugees – LGBTQ or not – and will continue to fight for justice for all of us.

Know Your Rights: Legal Resources on Immigration

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