GLAD Executive Director Janson Wu issued the following statement on the announcement that the Senate would not vote next week on the Respect for Marriage Act:

“We are deeply frustrated and disappointed by the decision not to hold a vote next week on the Respect for Marriage Act and instead to wait until after the midterm elections. Americans should not have to fear for another minute that their marriage and their family won’t be protected and respected. The Respect for Marriage Act is a no-brainer that codifies the status quo of respect by states and the federal government for validly celebrated marriages without regard to the sex, race, ethnicity, or national origin of the couple. It has broad bipartisan support because Americans across the country support and rely on that idea for themselves and their loved ones. Politics should have no role to play in deciding fundamental rights of all families, including families of same-sex couples, interracial couples and other married couples who could face discrimination given the Supreme Court’s recent rulings. We call on the Senate to act as quickly as possible to pass the Respect for Marriage Act and to address the continuing and unfair discrimination against LGBTQ people that imposes real harm on individuals and their families.”