Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders announced today the formation of their Board of Ambassadors – a diverse group of GLAD supporters from around the country who will help GLAD connect to and engage more deeply with a variety of communities and constituents.

The inaugural group consists of 28 individuals and two co-chairs, Liz Monnin-Browder and Rick McCarthy. Rick is a former GLAD Board Chair, and Liz is a former GLAD lawyer.

“One of GLAD’s significant assets has always been the number of stellar former board members, staffers, interns, and volunteers who are out in the world doing important work in a variety of communities,” said McCarthy.

“GLAD does high impact work for the LGBTQ community and has valuable resources that should reach as wide an audience as possible. With this new venture, we can mobilize our diverse networks to further promote GLAD’s mission,” said Monnin-Browder.

The 2012 Board of Ambassadors: 

• John Affuso
• John Argos 
• Gary Bailey
• Gloria Bailey-Davies
• Linda Bailey-Davies
• Jim Bishop 
• Jamal Brown
• Carol Buckheit
• Ed Butler
• Andre Campagna
• Dave Cash
• Emily Douglas
• Peter Epstein
• Barry Field
• Amy Killelea
• Rick McCarthy
• Liz Monnin-Browder
• Rev. Irene Monroe
• Trevor Nardini
• Katherine Patrick
• Pat Peard
• Daniel Redman
• Bishop Gene Robinson
• Bob Ross
• Steve Ryan
• Anne Stanback
• Leonie Walker
• David Wilson