Q:  Where do you go if:

  • You have a question about the laws in New England that affect LGBTQ people or people living with HIV; or
  • You are being discriminated against; or
  • You want to know how to fight for your rights ; or
  • You need a referral to an LGBT/HIV-friendly attorney?

GLAD Answers is staffed by volunteers, and the training for new volunteers is happening in May

A:  GLAD Answers.


GLAD Answers is free and confidential and provides detailed information about the rights of LGBTQ people and people living with HIV in New England as well as providing referrals to other agencies and to attorneys who can provide legal advice.

GLAD Answers is staffed by volunteers, and the training for new volunteers is happening in May—May 12 & 14 (5:30-9:30pm) and May 16 (9am-4pm). 

GLAD Answers volunteers play a critical role in helping GLAD to carry out its mission:

  • They are the “face” of GLAD to the public.
  • They help the public actualize the rights that GLAD’s attorneys have won.
  • They provide information and referrals that can help people to navigate the complex legal system and set them on a path to solving their legal problems.
  • They are often the first person to discover an impact litigation case that the GLAD attorneys take on.

So what does it take to be a GLAD Answers volunteer?

  • First, it doesn’t require:
    • That you have experience with the law; or
    • Memorize the laws
  • It does require:
    • Good oral and written communication skills;
    • A compassionate and caring personality;
    • The ability to work collaboratively with other volunteers and the GLAD Answers staff;
    • The ability to sort out what legal issues are involved;
    • Learning how to use GLAD’s publications and resources to tailor a package of information for those who contact GLAD Answers;
    • That you have one weekday afternoon free from 1:30-4:30pm each week.

What to know more?

Contact GLAD’s Public Information Manager, Bruce Bell, by phone (617-426-1350) or email (bbell@glad.org).  Find more information and an application here.