We’ve always known the government has no military justification for the Trump-Pence transgender service ban. The government’s plan for ridding the military of transgender people is based on discrimination. Plain and simple.

And now we have the government’s own documents that show it.

Key documents received from the government literally show a straight line between Trump’s tweets last July and the recently announced implementation plan.

A straight line from Trump’s tweets announcing his transgender military ban to the Mattis Plan to execute it.

On May 11, together with the National Center for Lesbian Rights, GLAD filed a motion for summary judgment in Doe v. Trump. If our motion is granted, the court would permanently block the ban from taking effect.

This ban weakens our military. And in violating the equality guarantees of the Constitution, it demeans us all.

It harms transgender people. It’s an attack on American values. That’s why we’ve filed to put a stop to it for good.

While the administration is making claims that transgender people are “non-deployable,” thousands of transgender Americans are currently serving our country with honor and distinction. Many of our plaintiffs have done several tours of duty, including a transgender woman who has done two in Iraq.

The Trump-Pence ban relies on sweeping generalizations and false stereotypes about transgender people. But we saw right through their charade because we’ve seen this strategy before.

The Trump administration’s defense rests on a faulty argument that strikes at the core of who transgender people are. Their harmful “logic” goes like this: sure, transgender people can serve, as long as they serve in their birth sex.

It’s the same failed argument we heard when we fought for marriage equality: of course, a gay person could get married, as long as it was to someone of the opposite sex.

The Trump-Pence ban is harming brave servicemembers. And it is also part of this administration’s coordinated attack on all marginalized people.

Lives are in disarray and futures are at stake. But our community is strong, our passion for justice is great, and we won’t back down.

Read more about the case and see critical case documents here.