GLAD is working throughout New England to update state laws to affirm and protect contemporary families.



In 2021, GLAD is working with families and other community organizations to pass the Connecticut Parentage Act. Share your story and join us to get the Connecticut Parentage Act passed. Learn more about the CPA and We CARE.


Has your family had experience with Massachusetts’ outdated and discriminatory parentage laws? Share your story to get the Massachusetts Parentage Act passed. Learn more about the MPA here.

This year, GLAD along with partners is building support for the MA Confirmatory Adoption bill. This legislation will streamline second parent adoption in the Commonwealth.



In 2016, the Maine Parentage Act went into effect, becoming the first New England state to sign legislation into law modeled on the Uniform Parentage Act.


In 2018, Vermont passed the state’s version of the Uniform Parentage Act of 2017. Read our FAQ about this important law.

New Hampshire

In 2020, New Hampshire passed important updates to parentage laws. Learn more about this critical legislation here.

Rhode Island

In 2021, the Rhode Island Uniform Parentage Act took effect. Learn about Rhode Islanders for Parentage Equality and the RIUPA here.