Presented by GLAD and Victory Programs. Hosted by the Museum of Science.

The two pandemics of our lifetime – COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS – present inevitable comparisons for those who have lived through both, for public health professionals, and for concerned citizens. On Thursday, December 3, at 5pm, during the week of the 32nd annual World AIDS Day, this free virtual panel will examine what we can learn from the two eras to help us save lives, improve health care, combat discrimination, and create a better world.

Panel participants:

  • Douglas Brooks, Executive Director, Community Engagement at Gilead who served as the head of the White House’s Office of National AIDS Policy under President Barack Obama
  • Ben Klein, Senior Attorney and AIDS Law Project Director at GLAD
  • Bill Lottero, Program Director at Victory Programs’ Boston Living Center
  • Shirley Royster, longtime AIDS activist and survivor.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Dawn Fukuda, Director of the Office of HIV/AIDS in the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s, Bureau of Infectious Disease.

Live captioning will be provided.


Red AIDS ribbon and coronavirus cell. Text says: Echoes of AIDS in the Time of Coronavirus: Lessons and Reflections.