Jayeson Watts, LICSW
the Transgender Health Access Team Program Director at Thundermist, for improving access to healthcare for trans and non-binary people, and his LGBTQ+ advocacy and public policy efforts across Rhode Island.


Joseph Garland & Philip Haines
Martha Holt Castle & Patty Castle
Marianne Monte & Lisa Carcieri

Guillaume Bagal & Bobby Gondola
Angie Caliendo

Host Committee
Bridget Baird & Tina Duarte
Philip Chan
Senator Dawn Euer
Pamela A. Harrop, MD & Marilyn J. Weigner, MD
Lise Iwon
Rep. Rebecca Kislak & Dr. Joanna Brown
Barbara Margolis & Colleen Gregory, PhD
Senator Donna M. Nesselbush & Kelly Carse
Lauren Nocera
Elizabeth Roberts
Micah Salkind & Ted McGuire
Brett Smiley & James DeRentis
Maria Tocco & Laura Pisaturo Esq.

As of June 13, 2019