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Justice for All: GLAD’s 2019 Connecticut Event

Sunday, April 28 2019

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Studio at Billings Forge
563 Broad Street, Hartford, CT

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About the Event


Robin McHaelen
Executive Director of True Colors



Meghan Freed & Kristen Marcroft
State Comptroller Kevin Lembo & Charles Frey


Jeff Currey
Anne Stanback & Charlotte Kinlock

Host Committee

Kenneth J. Bartschi & James M. Salemi
Rob Biddleman & Dan Sullivan
Beverley Brakeman & Chris Corcoran
Beth Bye & Tracey Wilson
Evan Johnson & Kevin Chick
Brad & Flint Kleinerman-Gehre
Shawn M. Lang
Diana Lombardi
Danny Livingston
Rev. Aaron Miller & MCC Hartford
Jamie Mills
Mark Ojakian & Jason Veretto
Conor Pfeifer
Alice Pritchard & Dana Bugl
Charles Reed
John Stafstrom & Dennis Murphy
Vicki Veltri

As of April 28, 2019