Our hearts are heavy with grief and anger watching what is happening in Charlottesville this weekend.

We mourn with the family and friends of Heather Heyer,whose life was taken by this intolerable display of hate and violence. Our thoughts and hopes for recovery go out to all who were injured while standing up against that violence.

We condemn loudly, clearly, and by name, this racist, anti-Semitic, white supremacist hate, intimidation and violence, in Charlottesville and anywhere it raises its ugly, unwelcome head in our nation.

We call on our elected officials at every level of government to speak out.  This is not normal. This cannot be who we become. And the only way to prevent Charlottesville from becoming normal is by denouncing extremism immediately, explicitly, and collectively. We stand with those officials who have done so, and with the many individual Americans and communities across the country who are doing so every day.