All children in Rhode Island need and deserve a secure legal relationship with both parents. LGBTQ co-parents in Rhode Island and elsewhere continue to face the reality that other states may discriminate against them and not recognize their legal status as parents. This leaves both parents and children vulnerable to harm when traveling in or moving to another state. For this reason, LGBTQ couples must complete adoptions of children born to them thorough assisted reproductive technology in order to obtain a court judgment that will be respected throughout the United States and internationally.

Since many LGBTQ families have their children through assisted reproductive technology, LGBTQ parents find themselves in the odd situation of having to adopt their own children. This is a situation not ordinarily faced by non-LGBTQ parents.

H. 5706 – An Act Relating to Domestic Relations – Adoption of Children codifies a streamlined process for co-parent adoptions by LGBTQ couples who petition to adopt their own children so as to ensure universal recognition and respect for their parentage. This bill will ensure greater clarity, efficiency, and consistency in the adoption process.

On March 20, 2019, GLAD Senior Staff Attorney Patience Crozier submitted testimony in support of H. 5706. Read it here.

Click here for a fact sheet on this bill.