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Protecting LGBTQ Families in Rhode Island



The Rhode Island Parentage Act updates Rhode Island law to clarify who can be a parent and how to establish parentage. These critical reforms recognize the diversity of families in Rhode Island and ensure that all children can have their legal parentage established regardless of the circumstances of their birth. The current Rhode Island parentage law is out-of-date and unconstitutional.

Now in Rhode Island, many children and families remain vulnerable because they have no clear route to establish their parentage. Rhode Island has no statutes clarifying parentage for children born through assisted reproduction, and no statutes regarding parentage through surrogacy.

The Rhode Island Parentage Act is based on the Uniform Parentage Act of 2017, which is a model, uniform law that advises all states to ensure that their parentage statutes apply equally to LGBTQ families among other suggested updates.

Download the Rhode Island Parentage Act Fact Sheet