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Massachusetts Confirmatory Adoption Act



Update January 2021:

An Act to Promote Efficiency in Co-Parent Adoption (S 1124/H 1712) has been filed! You can learn more about the bill on the MA Confirmatory Adoption Act Fact Sheet. Lead sponsors on this bill are Rep. Kay Khan and Sen. Becca Rausch.

Thank you to supporting organizations including the Boston Bar Association, Resolve New England, Mass Equality, and the Massachusetts LGBTQ Bar Association.

An Act to Promote Efficiency in Co-Parent Adoptions will ensure a more streamlined process for co-parent adoptions by LGBTQ couples who petition to adopt their own children.

These bills reduce barriers to LGBTQ families securing their children’s parentage through adoption and, in doing so, help families avoid unnecessary delays and expensive and burdensome requirements. This legislation provides greater clarity, efficiency, and consistency in the adoption process, allowing universal recognition for these families and the respect and security they need.

Last session, in July 2020, this bill was favorably reported out of the Judiciary Committee.  We look forward to another successful session ahead.

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