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Gender X Marker for MA Birth Records and IDs



November 12, 2019: Massachusetts’ RMV updated their system to include a third gender marker for driver’s licenses and state IDs. But the work continues to update birth records to reflect this progress.

House Bill 3664 adds a third gender marker, “X,” as an option on MA driver’s licenses, state IDs, and birth records. This legislation gives people who do not identify as exclusively male or exclusively female a way to have accurate birth records and identification.

Tell your representative to support H.3664, to join other states and municipalities that affirm and support access to accurate IDs for transgender and non-binary people.  Find your legislator here, and let them know you support House Bill 3664.

Having accurate identification is critical for everyone. For transgender and non-binary people, having inaccurate ID can lead to being denied service or experiencing harassment and other mistreatment. These bills are a logical extension of past updates already made to allow transgender people to obtain accurate gender markers on their driver’s licenses and birth certificates, and will make everyone safer and more secure.