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Expanding Access to PrEP in Massachusetts



PrEP is the most effective tool we have to prevent HIV transmission and bring an end to the HIV epidemic.

An Act Enabling Pharmacists to Prescribe, Dispense and Administer PrEP (S.1407) would significantly advance the Commonwealth’s goal of ending the HIV epidemic by expanding access to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and permitting a pharmacist to dispense a 60-day supply for those facing barriers to care.

According to GLAD’s testimony in support of the legislation:

GLAD strongly supports S.1407 because it expands access to a simple, safe, and effective medication that reduces the risk of HIV transmission by close to 100% and provides our best opportunity to end the HIV epidemic. The bill, which authorizes pharmacists to dispense PrEP without a prescription on a short-term basis, will: (1) allow the most vulnerable populations to obtain PrEP quickly; and (2) improve access to care by requiring pharmacists to link customers to medical care for ongoing PrEP oversight and other vital health needs.

Urge the Joint Committee on Public Health to pass this important bill.

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