GLAD co-authored an amicus (friend of the court) brief in the 11th Circuit case Corbitt v. Taylor about Alabama’s needless and unjust requirement for transgender people to undergo surgery to update their driver’s license. As the brief explains,

“The Amici Curiae write to highlight the arbitrary and irrational nature of Alabama’s policy to require transgender people to undergo genital surgery to obtain an accurate driver’s license. Requiring surgery contradicts the medical consensus and standards of care and presents an insurmountable barrier for many transgender people to obtain state-issued identification that reflects who they are. This policy inflicts concrete harms on transgender people and undermines social stability by impeding their ability to engage in a wide range of important activities, from voting to obtaining housing and employment. A majority of states and the federal government, understanding the need to track contemporary medical standards and adopt policies that promote economic and social stability and positive health outcomes, have aligned their policies to enable transgender people to obtain identification that matches who they are. In contrast, Alabama’s policy denies transgender people equal protection and serves no legitimate government interests.”

Read the amicus brief.

Amici include the following state, regional, and national organizations:

  • Equality Federation
  • Equality Florida
  • Equality Maine
  • Equality Ohio Education Fund
  • Equality South Dakota
  • Equality Texas
  • Family Equality
  • Fairness Campaign
  • FreeState Justice
  • Maryland’s LGBTQ Advocates
  • Garden State Equality
  • Georgia Equality
  • GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)
  • Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
  • MassEquality
  • Mass. Trans Political Coalition
  • National Center for Lesbian Rights
  • One Colorado
  • Southern Legal Counsel, Inc.
  • TransOhio, Inc.
  • Wyoming Equality