VICTORY: H5250, “House Resolution Creating A Special Legislative Commission To Study Ensuring Racial Equity And Optimizing Health And Safety Laws Affecting Marginalized Individuals,” was passed July 1, 2021.

GLAD has submitted a letter to the Rhode Island House Health & Human Services Committee in support of H5250 which will create a commission to study the impact of laws related to commercial sexual activity, methods of human trafficking, and police accountability on marginalized and targeted communities.

Excerpt from the letter:

“H5250 is an important step to improving the lives of Rhode Islanders engaged in sex work while better addressing the risks of exploitation and human trafficking. In particular, GLAD appreciates the bill’s inclusion of directly impacted people – people who engage in or have engaged in sex work – as commission members. In study commissions, it is critical to center directly impacted community members and organizations to ensure that they are able to be key stakeholders and voices for understanding and action.”