Group of people, Goodrige plaintiffs, cover image with text of "GLAD Briefs Fall 2023" superimposed over photo. Underneath is "In this issue" and thumbnails and titles of articles within the issue

Featured Articles:

Celebrating Goodridge: The Dignity and Equality of All Individuals

Defending Our Common Humanity: Far-right attacks are putting transgender youth and their families directly in harm’s way and putting all of us at risk. We are fighting back.

Protecting LGBTQ+ Students: Creating Safe and Inclusive Schools Together 

Texas Ruling Could Lead to New HIV Cases: A case currently before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals could lead to tens of thousands of new and preventable HIV cases

Expanding GLAD Answers’ Reach Where We’re Needed Most

Meet Interim Executive Director Richard Burns: Lifelong LGBTQ+ Activist and GLAD Interim Executive Director Richard Burns Cites the Need for Vigilance in the Battle for Full LGBTQ+ Equality and Liberation