person holding up an intersex-inclusive progress pride flag in the wind, blue sky behind and trees in foreground
“Black History Month” text with pink and purple faces in the text on a black background
Two non-binary students doing work together in class
Stethoscope on top of transgender flag colors
Graphic with text reading "Native American Heritage Day" Photos of folks featured, including Elva Guerra, Sean Snyder, Bobby Sanchez, Kairyn Potts, and Barbara May Cameron.
Richard, a cis white man with short gray and auburn hair, stands at a podium wearing a navy blue suit
Kayden and Gabrielle in the GLAD Answers Office, seated in office chairs, leaning towards each other and facing the camera, smiling
photo of white prescription bottle and several blue pills on an aqua background
Protest with signs: Trans is Beautiful, Trans People Are Not A Burden