Forty miles from the U.S. Supreme Court, the citizens of Baltimore expressed their pain and anger over the death of Freddie Gray, and the persistent racial and economic injustices that harm the African-American community in particular and continue to undermine our country’s promises of equality.

It was poignant to hear GLAD’s Mary Bonauto, in arguing to the Court for the freedom to marry yesterday, speak of the “common humanity of people who had once been ignored or excluded.” Especially in our moments of hope, we must recognize that our common humanity binds our struggles together and that we cannot remain silent when one of those struggles impacts so many in our community and families.

So many people are still denied justice every day. Not only do we at GLAD look forward to the time when the court’s inscription of “Equal Justice Under Law” becomes a reality for everyone, but we pledge to work toward that day.

Our hearts go out to Baltimore. Our deepest wish is for justice, in its broadest, most inclusive meaning.