As the year comes to a close, here are 15 things your support helped GLAD take on in 2015 (plus a bonus for the New Year!) :


  1. Love Wins! Marriage equality from Massachusetts to the entire U.S.
  2. A first-of-its-kind ruling: Religiously-affiliated employers don’t get a free pass to discriminate
  3. The first constitutional challenge to the discriminatory transgender exclusion in the Americans with Disabilities Act
  4. A class action lawsuit against Walmart
  5. Clean needles save lives
  6. Ending discriminatory transgender health care exclusions
  7. Educating middle schools about the importance of GSAs for LGBTQ students
  8. A modernized process for gender marker changes on birth certificates in Connecticut and Massachusetts
  9. Ensuring fair and respectful treatment of LGBTQ youth in state care
  10. The first lawsuit in the country challenging discrimination against a person on PrEP
  11. Distributing over 2,000 “Know Your Rights” Transgender Shelter Access Cards
  12. Working in coalition for explicit gender identity projections in public accommodations
  13. Advocating for sound and compassionate health care for people with HIV
  14. Contributing to first-in-the-country statewide recommendations on LGBT Aging
  15. Assisting over 2,000 callers through our GLAD Answers legal information and referral line
  16. Ensuring the law honors all kinds of families

And that’s only the beginning.

Thank you for all you do to make this work possible. Your support is helping to build a future of true justice for everyone in the LGBTQ family.

Want to keep that work going? Make a gift for 2016 today!

Happy New Year – and Onwards Towards Justice!