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A Look Back at High School

Public affairs and education intern Alison Geoffrey reflects on her experience in high school.

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If you have questions about HIV testing or privacy, or have concerns about discrimination, contact us now for free & confidential help.


Know Your Rights


  • Federal law protects you from discrimination based on your HIV status in many settings, including work and school.
  • This means, for example, you cannot be barred from participation in school events, including sports, due to fears about transmission of HIV.

Access to Healthcare

  • Healthcare providers cannot refuse to treat you because of your HIV status.

Testing and Privacy

  • You have a right to decide whether to be tested for HIV, and to know your status.
  • In all six New England states, you have the right to be tested for HIV without obtaining your parent’s permission.
  • Every New England state has a law governing what kind of consent you need to give for an HIV test.
  • Every New England state has a law governing if, when and with what required authorization a medical provider may disclose your HIV status.

Check the Laws in Your State

Check It Out!


Works to inspire and empower Latin@, Hispanic and Black LGBTQ individuals to improve their livelihood.

Aids Action Committee of Massachusetts

A leader in the fight against AIDS in Massachusetts.

Outright Vermont

LGBTQ youth center and statewide advocacy organization.

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