Protests at the BPL

Protesting against police stings at
the Boston Public Library.
Photo by Eric Roth.

GLAD has been part of every significant issue of the LGBT rights movement over the past thirty years, litigating cases involving parenting, HIV/AIDS, gay and lesbian students, and discrimination against transgender people.

In our monthly podcasts, we highlight some of these precedent-setting cases and bring you the voices of plaintiffs, attorneys, and others whose courage and determination have advanced the fight for equal justice under law.

Current Episode: She Never Gave Up:
In re Belynda Dunn and Health Care for HIV+ People

Belynda Dunn was denied insurance coverage for a needed liver transplant because she had HIV. In 2001, GLAD fought successfully on her behalf, and on behalf of another HIV positive client, arguing that HIV status cannot be used to deny health care.

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This is the final podcast in our year-long exploration of landmark cases from GLAD's first thirty years. Please listen to the other eleven episodes, and stay tuned for future podcasts from GLAD.

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